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NitrousQH / Recreational (STRONG) / 5 Minutes

NitrousQH is the QuickHit version of our Nitrous dose. It is designed to give you optimum effects in the least amount of time. Just like the real deal: the effects come on quickly, and are gone just as fast. They don't call it Hippy Crack for nothing. Check our results: Total Duration 1-5 mins. Onset 0 - 1 mins. Coming Up 15 - 30 secs. Plateau 1 - 5 mins. Coming Down 10 mins. After Effects 15 - 30 mins. What does this mean? We have created the perfect quick-high dose that will mess you up real fast, and leave you as good as new in no time. Don't have time for our longer-lasting doses and just want a quickie? Here it is! Effects include: Giggling, Euphoria, Exhilaration, Sound Distortion, Reduction of External Stimuli, Clumsiness, Loss of Dexterity, and Loss of Balance.

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