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Date Added: 07/06/2018 by Lauri Tikkanen
I am quite new to digital drugs. My real life drugs experiences are limited to alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and of course weed. So, I have really no idea, how peyote should actually feel like. I think that this dose was quite mild and by no means "VERY VERY strong" contrary to its description. Then again, maybe my expectations were too high. Listening to this dose gave me an intense feeling of numbness, often associated with sleep paralysis. That is, my hands and feet became so relaxed towards the end part of this track that I couldn't move them at all. I've tried this dose a few times now in various states of mind. I have gotten some vague hypnagogic imagery while keeping my eyes closed while listening to this track and lying in my bed (no open eye visuals though) and I have also fallen accidentally asleep a couple of times while listening to this dose. I've had some mild auditory hallucinations (a kind of wobling effect) after listening to this dose, but they don't last very long. So far, the best effect for me has been the thorough muscle relaxation and the feeling of numbness resembling sleep paralysis. So really, it's not a weak experience, maybe just a bit over-hyped.
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