Journey Pack
Journey Pack

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Date Added: 05/09/2017 by Brian Hales
I really do enjoy this pack, it has 2 of the most intense (OBE) I have ever encountered by (biannual beats). I also really like that they are longer tracks being that if I do end up falling asleep whilst listening, I am able to wake up and continue my meditation. Depending on the type of mood I am in make's all the difference of how the sound has an effect on my psyche. For instance if I happen to be in a darker place I.E. upset, sad, feeling down, any of those feeling make my experience more challenging to get to full meditation and enjoy my session. Now if I am in a happy, good, energized, or calm mood. I am able to go deeper into my meditation and get to the lower level's of vibrations we all deeply want to get to. I would most definitely would recommend the "Journey Pack" to anyone who has experience with I-Doser, and meditation. If you are first starting out, check out some of the single tracks or get any of the pack's recommend for beginners. I do hope my review helps in any way possible. Sincerely, B
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