Calm Me
Calm Me

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Date Added: 08/24/2018 by Ron Braly
One of the best dose's in their collection as far as I am concerned. I have listened to this dose nearly every day for the past 6+ years and it never fails to put my mind and body at ease. Within minutes into the dose my shoulders relax, my teeth are no longer clenched, and my mind slows down from its usual racing self. As a side note this dose has also helped me nearly eliminated my insomnia that I have lived with all my life as a result of relieving stress just before bed. Before this dose I would spend hours tossing and turning with my mind racing over the stresses of life, however after I started listening to this before bed it takes no longer then 10-15minutes before I'm blissfully sound asleep. I could not recommend this dose more to anyone who has chronic stress/anxiety or trouble sleeping.
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